White's Smiles Web Series

Watch Dr. White's regular web series to learn more about the Smiles by White practice, new technology, details about Invisalign, plus orthodontic tips and tricks.

July 2018

Smiles by White Early Treatment for Children with Invisalign

June 2018

Invisalign Statistics

December 2017

Dr. White Retainer with Pontics

November 2017

Hawley Retainer

October 2017

Missing Lateral Incisor

September 2017

Crib Appliance

August 2017

Dental CT Scan

July 2017

Aligner Seating:Chewy

June 2017

Palatally Impacted Cuspids

May 2017

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

April 2017

Lingual Braces

March 2017

Dr. White Acceledent

February 2017

Laser Tissue Re-Contouring

February 2017

Elastics with Invisalign

September 2016

Wisdom Teeth Eruption

There are a lot of old wives’ tales that never seem to get debunked—even with all the research and facts available today.

August 2016

Smart Clip Brackets

In my practice, I use SmartClip self-ligating brackets so I can control when I need less friction or more friction. Made by 3M, there is already adhesive on the back so there is less chance of bracket failures. Although the SmartClip brackets do not require elastic ligatures, I can still add the colors that adolescents like when wearing braces.

July 2016

Reverse Head Gear

For patients with an underbite, there are different orthodontic appliances that can be used to correct the bite. If interceptive orthodontic care is started before a child reaches puberty, reverse pull headgear (also known as a facemask) is an effective treatment option that can fix a patient’s bite and help avoid surgery in the future.

July 2018

Invisible Aligners

With the growing popularity of Invisalign, more orthodontists and dentists are offering clear aligner therapy. While many of them dabble in this modern approach to straightening teeth, I specialize in Invisalign and have a hand (or, more specifically, a computer mouse) in designing the clear aligners for my patients.

May 2016

Herbst Appliances

While it isn’t new technology (it was invented by German orthodontist Dr. Emil Herbst in 1909), the Herbst appliance is my go-to treatment for patients with bad overbites and recessive chins.

April 2016

Foods to Avoid

Even with all the advancements in dental technology, those same Jolly Rancher hard candies we bought at the candy store decades ago and the saltwater taffy we ate every time we went to the amusement park still can damage braces.

March 2016

Fixed Retainer

Patients are always beaming with joy the day they get their braces off, but I have to temper their excitement by reminding them that straightening teeth is only half the battle; the other is keeping them straight. That’s why retainers are essential to the overall treatment plan.

February 2016

Elastomeric Ligation - Colored Ties

You want your braces to match your school colors? We can find the right color combination to show off your school spirit. You want them to match your outfit for an upcoming dance recital? We can make your braces accessorize your outfit.

January 2016

Direct Bonding

With ever-evolving technology, the process of attaching braces to the teeth has changed over the decades since the introduction of materials that allow orthodontists to bond braces directly to the enamel.

December 2015

Clear Retainers

Teeth will move slightly after braces come off unless they are stabilized with a retainer, which is a passive appliance that holds teeth in the properly aligned position.

November 2015

Brushing With Braces

Most people without braces don’t brush long enough, but it is even more imperative if you have braces because there are tiny spaces where food particles get trapped and plaque can hide.

October 2015

Does My Child Need a Palatal Expander?

Some dentists and orthodontists pull teeth to make room in a child’s crowded mouth, but I have long preferred the use of palatal expanders as a less invasive method.