About Smiles By White

Home of happy, confident smiles

Smiles by White is not your typical dental office, as you see more artwork and sculptures than dental instruments.

A well-respected authority and the owner of Smiles by White, Dr. John White has treated more than 10,000 patients over the past 30 years, and, as a professor at Case Western Reserve University, has taught hundreds of other dentists entering the profession.

At all three offices, Dr. White offers both Invisalign and traditional metal braces as he can achieve the same results with both options—at the same cost—so he lets patients choose which treatment they prefer. He also successfully treats many patients who were told by other doctors they are not candidates for Invisalign, so make sure to get a second opinion.

Dr. White was very approachable on questions, worked great on my teeth and gave me a great smile! Would do the process over again if I could!

-Andrew T.

Dr. White is super nice and does a great job! All of the staff are extremely friendly and you will definitely enjoy your time at their office!

-Sydney G.

The staff are all amazing. Very relaxed and excellent facilities. Myself and my son have got invisilgn and we are very pleased with them. My daughter also has braces and is pleased with the results so far.

-Kirsty D.

Love this orthodontist office. Staff is always nice and always helpful. I’m glad I was referred by my dentist to go here.

-Courtney S.

Dr. White and his staff are really nice and I love the results that I got by going to him.

-Hilal B.

Dr. White and his staff always go above and beyond to make sure you get the full treatment you deserve! Since starting my invisalign treatment, I have been so happy and excited to smile and show my teeth and it's all thanks to Dr. White and his great staff!

-Joella M.

We had previously visited 2 prior area orthodontists and Dr. White by far was the most professional, educated and honest, and reasonably priced. He was the only one that offered the low radiation CT scan which had even shown a sinus infection that saved my son from getting a sinus x-ray as we are on the way to the pediatrician next. Staff is accommodating and professional. We could always get an after school appointment when booking our next one, so we didn't miss any school time at all! The before and after photos are amazing as his teeth weren't that bad to begin with, so I thought, but looking at the comparison, the difference is amazing. So happy we choose Dr. White and his staff!

-Spencer R.

I have been highly satisfied with the services provided by Dr. White and his team. The office staff is very professional and on time. Appointment scheduling is convenient. And most importantly, Dr. White achieved beautiful results with Invisalign when other orthodontists said only metal braces would do. Invisalign drastically reduced the number of trips required for adjustments. Thank you Dr. White!

-Dominic C.

What Happens After Treatment

Start Smiling With More Confidence Today. All new patients receive a free dental CAT scan. Patients are never too young or too old to improve their smiles, as can be seen in the before and after photos of these adolescents and adults.

Before & After
AL came to us because she had heard that we could treat orthodontic problems with Invisalign that others would not. Her treatment time was under 2 years.
Before & After
BS is an athlete whose lifestyle and desire for an esthetic appliance ruled out braces. His active treatment time, including correction of his deep bite was under 2 years.
Before & After
CL didn’t want her wedding pictures showing a smile with spaces. Her treatment lasted 15 months.
Before & After
PH was concerned about damage to his front teeth because of his cross bite as well as not liking his smile. He appreciated that we only needed to see him every 10 weeks since he drives over an hour to see us. His treatment time was 21 months.
Before & After
ME was a teenager who simply did not want braces if Invisalign could improve her smile. Correcting the bite as well as creating her new smile took 18 months.
Before & After
MD is one half of twins currently under treatment (both with Invisalign). The pictures shown are 18 months apart. We are still working on the details of his bite but the esthetic changes so far makes us all happy.
Before & After
JE is/was beautiful but wanted to take her smile the next level. We focused on creating a wider smile and with her help were able to achieve this smile in 14 months.
Before & After
LB is the mother of two children that I treated with braces who was never interested in wearing braces even though she didn’t like her smile. The pictures are her original and progress photos after 16 months of Invisalign.
Before & After
ZT was a typical teen orthodontic patient who wanted his spaces closed. We offered both braces and Invisalign. He chose Invisalign and 19 moths of active treatment later, he achieved the smile that he wanted.
Before & After
AS didn't like his smile, he felt that his upper cuspids were too prominent. He was treated with traditional braces in 15 months.
Before & After
KP transferred into our office after first phase in another office. We delayed her 2nd phase for a year before starting back up. Her time in braces was 20 months.
Before & After
CG was with us for 24 months with expander and braces. Just wish that he hadn't outgrown the mohawk.
Before & After
EF received 2 Phase care over a few years to correct an open bite and a jaw asymmetry. And yes, her personality remained intact.
Before & After
LM presented with an anterior crossbite and jaw asymmetry. That's now a healthier and happier smile; confidence was never a problem.